We did it! Council has voted to extend free parking in the CBD

YES! We did it – the Council has voted 9-4 to extend 60 minutes free parking in the Hutt CBD until at least January 2017.

Retailers in the Hutt CBD have been calling for free parking for years – it’s unfair that everywhere else in the Hutt had at least 60 minutes free, but parking had to be paid for in the one area that needed a boost.

In October 2015 we launched this website. Since then:

  • Over 1800 people signed the original petition, which I then presented to Council
  • Nearly 500 people submitted formally to the Council’s Annual Plan process
  • Over 300 people emailed Councillors a few days out from the critical vote.

 In December 2015 the Council announced a free parking trial, starting in January 2016.

The trial was a success. There’s been hugely positive feedback on the trial from retailers, residents, and the wider community. People have been rediscovering the CBD.

Overall Lower Hutt CBD retail card spending grew 3% during free parking hours in the period of the trial. Overall spending actually grew 5.6% during the whole free trial period.

The Council will be increasing parking fees beyond the first hour to offset the revenue loss – I reckon that makes sense.

Please share this good news with your friends on Facebook – let’s get the message out that the Hutt CBD is open for business and parking is free for the first 60 minutes!

Authorised by Chris Bishop, 66 Bloomfield Terrace, Lower Hutt.